YS Jagan's yatra: A world record

At total of 341 days ... 3648 km... personally meeting over 1.25 crore people.... Praja Sankalpa Yatra is truly unprecedented in its outreach, absolutely magnificent in its bigness. This is a never before endeavour, where YS Jagan Mohan Reddy touched every heart and filled everyone with hope, aspiration and confidence.

The Yatra, which began at the YSR Ghat or Smritivanam at Idupulapaya, the final resting place of people's leader YS Rajasekhara Reddy , on November 2017 is coming to an end on January 9 at Ichhcapuram. YS Jagan has covered 2516 villages and has addressed 124 public meetings. Each public meeting has attracted 30000 to 50000 crowd. In big cities, the attendance has crossed one lakh people. Thus, an estimated 74.40 lakh people have attended his public meetings.

On an average, YS Jagan has met at least 15000 people daily. They have either come to meet and greet him or lined along his travel route. Thus, he has met 51.15 lakh people during the 341 days. This perhaps is the biggest public outreach ever in the whole world. Thus, YS Jagan has personally met over 1.25 crore people. In addition, he has held several group meetings with a cross section of the society. These meetings, known as Atmeeya Sammelanam, have touched almost every section ofthe society. Also, crores of Telugus world over have watched him through the broadcast and digital media. This in itself could be a world record of sorts.

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