Time Nearing For TDP's Shut Down

Kurnool (Aluru): YSRCP MLA, Gummanuru Jayaram, mentioned that time was nearing for the downfall of TDP that was practising anti-people ways. He held Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at Venkatapuram, Burrakunta, Gadderalla villages. The aged and the handicapped complained to the MLA that they were not being sanctioned pension. They also stated to him that drinking water was being out of their reach and they had no choice left but to migrate to other places. Speaking on this occasion, Jayaram called for the people to teach Chandrababu a lesson for forgetting about people's welfare. He demanded private companies to pay compensation to the farmers who had lost their lands in Galimarla. Jayaram also demanded the Government to add the mandal to drought list and offer compensation to it.

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