YS Vivekananda Reddy's Daughter Expresses Doubts About Tardy Probe 

Hyderabad: Former MP and minister, Leader of Opposition and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's uncle, late YS Vivekananda Reddy's daughter Dr. Sunitha Reddy, expressed doubts about the manner in which the probe into her father's murder was being conducted.

The investigation has not revealed any clues so far, even after 10 days, she pointed out.

Dr. Sunitha Reddy released her recorded address to the media on Sunday night. Expressing her serious concern at the manner in which the investigation into her father's murder was being taken up, she said that on the morning that the murder came to light, CI Sankaraiah was at the scene of crime.

"While we were travelling from Hyderabad on receiving the shocking news, we had to insist on a murder case to be filed. Didn't the CI know what to do in a murder case?", she questioned. Dr. Sunitha Reddy they had to plead for a murder case to be filed and that she had doubts on a cover up in this matter. The CI's behaviour was inexplicable, she observed.

It was the CI who got the body moved, though he was asked to file a murder case. He had the wounds dressed, she added and questioned, "doesn't an inspector know how to approach a murder case? Doesn't he know that a Panchnama should be conducted first?," she asked.

Dr. Sunitha Reddy wondered why the CI allowed these developments to take place.

The former MP and minister's daughter said the CI's behaviour cast a shadow on the case and pointed a finger of suspicion towards him. "Who is influencing him? Did higher police officials instruct him to act in this manner and shift the blame on to family members," she questioned.

She said that no answers had been forthcoming so far and therefore there were serious doubts about the investigation. Dr. Sunitha Reddy sought an impartial inquiry into the murder of her father.

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