YSRCP slams politics of convenience

Hyderabad, Feb 6, 2014:
Taking strong objection to the union ministers of the State playing the
politics of convenience by giving suggestions to the Group of Ministers (GoM),
YSR Congress has said some of Congress and TDP leaders are placing business and
personal interests ahead of the people’s will and the token protests by them on
Delhi streets remain as a cry in the wilderness.

“It is shameful on part of
the union ministers to give suggestion to the GoM even in the last minute
instead of voicing a strong resentment over the Bill. They were never sincere
in the fight for a united state and have been cooperating with the high command
throughout and they have been playing politics of convenience,” party
spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Thursday.

At a time when things have
come to a boil, the behavior of the union ministers is shameful and their true
colours have come out. Not a single minister had spoken in favour of a united
state but have been put their loyalty to the high command on top. They neither
quit the post nor resign from Lok Sabha but they show immense loyalty to high
command on one hand speak out against the division for media consumption.

The drama being enacted by
Congress and TDP leaders in Delhi has come in for open criticism with the union
ministers meeting the GoM, Chandrababu Naidu not withdrawing the letter and
never speaking of a firm stand even while meeting leaders of various parties.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has
taken up this exercise some six months back and he was very categorical, unlike
Naidu who has no specific demand. He has become a laughing stock before the
nation, she said.

Lagadapati Rajagopal
(Congress) and Sujana Choudary (TDP) have put their business interests ahead of
the people’s interests and have received many sops from the Centre to maintain
silence on the issue, she said.

“It is time that all
parties, cutting across party lines, should come together and fight the issue
out,” she said.

The allegations of the
rebel Congress candidate for the Rajya Sabha are not true as we have made our
party stand very clear that we are not taking part in the elections and will
not support any candidate.

She also brushed aside the
remarks of JC Diwakar Reddy that YSRCP cannot win in a united state. “We have
done it earlier and will do it again,” she said.

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