YSRCP opposes land to political parties

Hyderabad, July 22: Strongly opposing the proposed TDP policy of allotting land to political parties, YSR Congress has said that the state has misplaced priorities and has been land-hungry all the time.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana said:’ TDP is trying to grab land from poor farmers in all the districts in the name of land to political parties proportionate to the strength in the Assembly.

The idea itself is too selfish and the government which failed to build even a single house for the poor, even though Chandrababu Naidu has made tall promises during electioneering on the housing front, he has now decided to snatch away land and alienate land from farmers.

The fraudulent manner in which NTR Trust Bhavan has been usurped is a shining example of the land obsession Chandrababu Naidu has and he is pursuing it relentlessly.

We strongly oppose the policy and reject the idea as it alienates farmers as large extent of land has already been taken away from them in the name of capital formation. More land is being pooled in the name of industrial policy and now taking away poor farmers’ land for political parties to build offices is ridiculous as no political party in the country has such a policy.

‘Why was the decision taken in such a hurry has no answer and whether or not there is need is very crystal clear and the move is out and out anti-poor, he said.

The state instead should pursue with the Centre on the special status which was assured by the Prime Minister and has the cabinet nod.

When our party leaders and workers are reaching out to people during the Gadapagadapaku YSR programme there have been numerous complaints on the anti-poor policies of the government and they are scared of the governance, he said.

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