YSR District President’s Devotional March

Ontimitta: YSRCP
president of YSR District, Akepati Amarnath Reddy opined that Sri Ramachandra
Swamy temple of Ontimitta in YSR district should be brought extensive
popularity. He reminded the letter written by leader of opposition and YSRCP president
YS Jagan after the bifurcation of the state, proposing the conduction of
official Sri Ramanavami festival celebration in Ontimitta, thereby trying to
increase the popularity of the temple. Having been on traditional ‘Sri Rama
Mala’ for some time, Amarnath Reddy announced that he would march on the day of
Sri Ramanavami as an attempt on his behalf. The march would start along with
other devotees from the temple complex of Akepadu.

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