YS Jagan's powerful statements in Vijayawada dharna

Vijayawada: Powerful comments were made in the dharna while YS Jagan spoke against the land acquisition dharna conducted on behalf of farmers. The evil deeds of Naidu are exposed where some of them are ..
  • Capital Region, have no cultivating lands. Only two thousand acres of land is agricultural land, and the rest is not uncommon in the land. The government says it literally on bluffing.
  • The person who can listen to the heart of people, should come as a leader.
  • Chandrababu ..! Remember, that you cannot stay with the same power. Your government will go and new governments will be formed. It will meets the Bay of Bengal.
  • The party coming to rule is YSRCP party. As and when our party comes into power, we will give the land to people.
  • Naidu regime is completely running the show on the fraud to cheat. This is running on three operating systems.   All divisions will leave to Bay of Bengal.
  • It is enough to get package is mentioned and the document from the partition of two states is shared.
  • Patty has spent  crores of rupees for MLC elections. Naidu is captured on the video along with audio in the form of tapes.
  • The life line is decided by God. If this is fare enough, then no one can stop him and not even the Chandrababu Naidu  can do that.
  • Lot of tactics are played to stop the strike. They can even arrest. So, people have to support the bandh and strike. 
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