YS Jagan faults Babu for playing safe on special status

Guntur: Leader of the Opposition in AP Assembly and YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy severely criticized AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for sabotaging the movement demanding special category status for Andhra Pradesh. He addressed an impressive Yuva Bheri programme in Guntur on Thursday. Thousands of students gathered at the Yuva Bheri demanding special category status for the state. Speaking at the programme, the YSRCP chief said that Andhra Pradesh will be developed only if the Special Status is achieved. 

Chandrababu demanded the Centre for special status for 15 years before the election and Venkiah Naidu also demanded 10 years Special Status in the Parliament. Now, they are backtracking on the demand , he added.
The same Chandrababu is now saying that special status was not needed for the industrial development. YS Jagan accused Chandrababu of betraying the people of Andhra and making all efforts to stop special status.

Explaining the importance of the Special Status to the youth, the YSRCP chief said that  investors are attracted to the states with special status as there will be no taxes and job opportunities will increase when industries are established.  The youth and students will face a major loss if Special Status is not achieved as there will not be industrial growth . Chandrababu Naidu should have led the protests for Special Status but he has stooped so low that he stopped the leader of Opposition from attending a rally near Vizag beach.  Chandrababu doesn’t need to travel to Singapore, China, Japan, Russia and America. Businessmen from overseas and other states will come to AP if the State gets Special Status. 

Ridiculing Chandrababu's claims about investments in Amaravathi, YS Jagan said that his statements about investment of over Rs 10.54 lakh crore through MoUs with entrepreneurs were false. 
In Visakha patnership summit, he claimed Rs 4.67 crore worth of MoUs. The TDP government said RS 2.87 crore entered the Investment Entrepreneur Memorandum. But as per the Central government, only Rs 34464 crore were implemented from January 1st to December 2016. Chandrababu's claims of investments were fictitious, YS Jagan said.

YS Jagan also said that Trilok Kuma, who is a mere PRO of industries belonging to Nandagopal's industries, entered into an MoU with the Government.  Another person who entered into an MoU with the Government is  Vinod Kumar of Santagudipalem in Guntur district. He lives in a tile-roofed house and his wife is an anganwadi worker.  

He called upon the youth to carry forward the movement for special status and teach Chandrababu a lesson. YS Jagan said that his party would lead the agitation till special status is a reality. 

Eariler in the day, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy received a grand welcome by his supporters at the Gannavaram airport on Thursday morning, while he was on his way to Guntur for Yuvabheri programme. Party workers and followers from several districts enthusiastically gathered at airport to wish him
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