Women submit issues to Sharmila

On the second day of
her historic 3000-km padayatra on Friday, Sharmila began her mega foot march
from the Rajiv Nagar colony on the outskirts of Vempally where she rested for
the night at the close of Yatra on the first day.

Thousands of people
followed the young woman on the second day as Sharmila has opted to stop at
intervals to meet different sections of people, mostly women, for interacting
with them and trying to know their problems.

The Yatra, which began
at 9.30 am, will close at Vemula in the evening proceeding via Nandipalle,
Tallapalle, Musalreddy gari Palle, Dugganna Gari Palle, Ammaiah gari Palle and

In her interaction with women, Sharmila is telling
them that Congress and TDP have conspired together against Jagan and jailed him
on base less charges. Groups of women told her at several places that they are
not getting power for most of the day and facing severe drinking water scarcity

At some places during the Yatra, Sharmila sought the
blessings of villagers who were only pleased to praise her for her decision to
take up the Yatra.

Sharmila, who walked around 13 km on the first day
of her Yatra, will rest at Bhumaiah Gari Palle for the night at the end of the
second day’s Yatra after walking a stretch of 19 km.

(Updated on Oct 19,2012)

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