Why Are You Vengeful Towards The Poor, Babu?

  • Does Chandrababu have
  • How can Babu give away
    assigned lands?
  • How can the lands of
    the poor be given away for solar power plant?
  • Not a paisa of
    compensation was given
  • Not one job was given
  • It is atrocious to
    snatch agricultural lands
  • YS Jagan extends
    support to solar plant expatriates

Ananthapuram (NP
The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan mentioned
that it was atrocious to give away assigned agricultural lands of the poor to
the solar power plant. As part of the fifth day schedule of fifth phase of
Rythu Bharosa Yatra, YS Jagan met the victims of the solar power plant in NP Kunta
of Ananthapuram district. He questioned the Government why agricultural lands
had been snatched against the will of the farmers and given away to the solar
power plant that had good supply of irrigation water, while it was hard to find
water in Rayalaseema. Here is what he said.

How can you snatch
agricultural lands?

The Government has
taken away huge range of lands for the establishment of solar power plants and
given them away to NTPC. Many jobs were said to be made available with the 750
megawatt capacity power plant’s set up in 7500 acres. Not one job has been
given. When the plant is here, why are the local people not being given jobs?
Then how can they expect the lands? There are Peddapalli reservoir and
Veligonda reservoir on either side of the lands. Handri-Neeva canal is flowing
through it. They have ample amount of irrigation water. How clever is the
Government to use such agriculturally-important lands for the plant?

Almost 2220 acres of
these lands are assigned. They were given by former CM YSR to the poor.
Chandrababu is taking the poor for granted. Rs.3.25 lakh was promised for 153
acres of patta lands and Rs.2.1 lakh for assigned lands. Why is Chandrababu
vengeful towards the poor?

Does Babu have working

Farmers have been cultivating in the 1250 acres of land since
decades. They have paid taxes for it, they dug bore wells in it. They paid
electricity bills properly. Instead of giving them pattaas for the lands, the
Government has snatched the lands from them against their will and given away
them to the solar power plant, in spite of them having provision of irrigation
water. How meagre is a compensation of Rs.1 lakh? Even that has not yet been
paid. Surveys and notices appeared but compensation has not been given. NTPC
has levelled the lands and established solar panels. Now witnesses are being
expected to give compensation.

We shall fight on
behalf of farmers

Chandrababu is making
fun of farmers’ lives in such a brutal way. Does he have a pinch of humanity? I
am asking on behalf of the homeless farmers who had to give away their assigned
lands with good provision of irrigation water. Why does the compensation of
Rs.3.25 lakh, however meagre it is, is at least not applied to all the victimized
farmers? We shall definitely fight on behalf of the farmers.

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