Victory Is YSRCP's In The Court Of People

YSRCP's president of farmers' wing, MVS Nagireddy stated that an opposition party in the democracy would have the right to question if the Government failed in keeping the promises it had made to people.
As part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, YSR's statue was decorated with flower garlands in Mopidevi mandal. Speaking on this occasion, he mentioned that AP state was mostly dependent on agriculture. The farmers were hence very important and the Government had made many promises to them and not realised any of them, he exclaimed.
Nagireddy mentioned that the people had voted for YSRCP, giving it 44.9% of their votes in view of making it form the Government in 2014 elections, but TDP, Janasena and BJP had got together, making many impossible promises, resulting in their collecting vote bank of 46.8% votes. He remarked that YSRCP was victorious in the court of the people.

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