TRS General Secretary Joins YSRCP

  • Huge new joining in TYSRCP
  • TRS leader from Khammam District joins YSRCP in the presence of YS Jagan
  • Lakkineni and his followers express affection towards YSR family
  • Gattu congratulates and welcomes Lakkineni Sudheer
  • Hyderabad: Leaders from both the Telugu-speaking states are showing interest to work in the path of YSRCP president YS Jagan, who has been fighting on behalf of people against their problems. They are believing that the development of the states is possible only under the leadership of YS Jagan. General Secretary of TRS, Lakkineni Sudheer and his followers joined YSRCP in the presence of YS Jagan at the party's central office in Lotus Pond of Hyderabad.

    Lakkineni Sudheer
    Three MLAs and an MP, who had one in the elections due to the grace of Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy, had ungratefully defected the party, exclaimed Sudheer. He expressed great affection and respect towards the legendary leader's family and recollected that he had participated in the Pada Yatra with YSR. Sudheer stated that he was joining YSRCP out of his respect for YS Jagan, after having resigned for TRS.

    Gattu Srikanth Reddy
    YSR had been a great leader who worked for the welfare of farmers, labourers and all other social classes, mentioned YSRCP president YS Jagan to Srikanth Reddy. He stated that the people were observing how the welfare schemes introduced by YSR were being pushed aside by the TRS government. He welcomed Lakkineni Sudheer into the party and congratulated him on the occasion. Gattu confided in Lakkineni's ability to consolidate the party in Khammam District.

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