Thanks For Making Rythu Bharosa Yatra A Huge Success

Ananthapuram: Former
MLA Gurnatha Reddy and coordinator of Raptadu constituency Topudurthi Prakash
Reddy thanked the leaders, the activists and the followers of YSR Congress
Party for making the Rythu Bharosa Yatra launched by the leader of opposition
and the party’s president YS Jagan a huge success. They informed that the
tour had happened in the constituencies of Tadipatri, Kadiri and Puttaparthi
and that farmers participated in the yatra with contentment. They also informed
that the Praja Parirakshana Sabha held at Ananthapuram also had been a grand
success. They spoke in the media conference arranged at the district’s party

Topudurthi and
Gurnatha Reddy mentioned that unable to digest the affection the yatra and the
people’s leader YS Jagan were gathering from the people, the ruling party had
assaulted YSRCP activists. They stated that YS Jagan was only reflecting the
opposition and the agony of the people who had been deceived by the false
promises of TDP. The leaders revealed that a gang who called themselves as ‘Chandra
dandu’ after Chandrababu Naidu, had attacked YSRCP activists with knives. They
questioned if this was the discipline Chandrababu had been teaching his

Topudurthi’s tour in
in Raptadu constituency in view of creating awareness among people about their
loss had also been hindered, they informed and questioned if this was not
suppression of people’s voice. Participating in this meeting were Kanaganapalli
ZPTC Bille Eshwaraiah, youth wing president Dhanunjay Yadav and leaders
Mahanandi Reddy, conveners of Ananthapuram Rural and Raptadu constituencies
Nageswar Reddy and Boya Ramanjaneyulu.

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