Thanks to Chandrababu

Chandrababu Naidu and Drought are twins. That’s the reason, wherever Babu is there, Rain is not seen.

Naidu is away from Hyderabad since few days. District wise he is on tour in Andhra Pradesh.

Good days are back to Hyderabad now. Till now the days were hot and now, the rains are back.

As Naidu is out of Hyderabad, Rain God seems to be back in the city.

That’s the reason; we are able to see showers in Hyderabad since four days. The atmosphere also became light and cool.

So, people of Hyderabad are praying God that Babu, should not return to Hyderabad for few days.

It would be nice if Naidu goes to Singapore for few days, then the rain will shower for few more days strongly in Hyderabad.
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