TDP's double standards exposed

Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party Spokesperson Vasireddy Padma pointed out that the double standards of TDP was evident when they told that they would move the no-trust vote, but rushed to the well in Parliament and protested.

 "Their intention was to not allow any debate over the no-confidence motion and for this they are playing all kinds of games," she added.

Ruling out the TDP comments that YSRCP tied up with BJP, Vasireddy Padma said that Chandrababu joined hands with BJP and Jana Sena as he lacked strength to face the elections. 

Chandrababu is an expert in exploiting other parties for his political gains, the YSRCP leader said and added that TDP lost moral values.
The TDP leaders have stromed into the well only with the intention of not supporting the YSRCP's no confidence motion. Seeing YSRCP's relentless fights for Special Status, many national parties are coming forward and extending the support, she added.

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