TDP planning to sack contract workers

 Hyderabad,: YSR Congress has said that TDP Government has been continuing its
anti-workers’ policy as the hopes of over one lakh contract employees are
dashed with the recommendation of the cabinet sub-committee.

 ‘We will stand by
the contract workers who were cheated by the TDP Government and see that
justice is done to them. The cabinet sub-committee has categorically stated
that there is scope of regularizing the temporary employees, be it contract or
outsourcing,’ party leader Vellampalli Srinivas told reporters here on

 Though TDP has
included in its manifesto and Chandrababu Naidu had time and again assured
during electioneering that all contract employees would be regularized the
government has betrayed them and is planning to sack them.

 We will not allow
this injustice and will take up their cause, he said


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