TDP Minority Leaders Join YSRCP

Guntur: A huge number of TDP minority leaders joined YSRCP. On Wednesday night, a programme was held at Muslim Minority Community Hall in Turpubavi area of Macharla and TDP district youth wing leader Pathan Babukhan, followed by 100 activists joined YSRCP in the presence of party whip PRK.
Pathan Khan, Poolakottu Imran, mechanic Akbar, Sk.Fiaz, Sk.Basha, Mustafa, Nazir Jani, Aziz and 90 activists quit TDP to join YSRCP. PRK warmly welcomed them into the party. Minority leaders Gangijan, Maya Subani, tractor Karimulla, Sk.Karimulla, Uppalapadu Jani, Samsheer, Akula Srinivas Naidu, Matta Srinu and others participated in the event.

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