TDP has scant respect for women

Hyderabad, March 6: Reiterating that TDP
government has scant respect for women, YSR Congress has said minister Ravela
Kishore Babu should be dropped from the cabinet for his concocted version to
save his son from the nefarious offence on a public road.

 ‘Even as the minister’s son was caught
on camera misbehaving with a women, the minister tried to blame it on Leader of
Opposition as is TDP wont, and we demand the minister should be dropped from
the cabinet and let law take its own course,’ party Deputy Floor Leader U
Kalpana told reporters here on Sunday.

 The misbehaviour was well recorded and
the government has been trying to wriggle out of the situation by leveling
baseless allegations and putting up concocted versions that the footage was
morphed which shows the sick mind of TDP government and leaders.

 More baffling is the fact that the
ruling party trying to shift the blame on our leader.

 ‘The other day Nandamuri Balakrishna,
was seen talking very ill and lowly about women at a public function. The words
could not be written or uttered. Chandrababu Naidu himself has passed remarks
discriminating girl child and the TDP leaders have exhibited their true colours
insulting women on many occasions,’ she said.

 The Call Money Sex racket has exposed
the links of TDP leaders who were pushing gullible women into flesh trade and
when the issue was raised by our MLA MP Roja, she was suspended for one year. A
case was booked against our woman tribal leader for questioning the
irregularities in bauxite mining.

 When the TDP leader had assaulted a
woman MRO in public it was covered up and the Chief Minister directly involved
only to tell the official that she was treading on a territory which was not
hers. Such moves have emboldened the TDP leaders and cadre and we have seen the
inaction of government in the Rishiteswari suicide case in Nagarjuna

 The government was harsh on the
anganwadi and Asha workers who were fighting for their just demands and it has
become a habit for the ruling party to blame the Leader of Opposition for
everything that goes wrong for them.

 ‘We demand immediate action against the
minister and an assurance from the government for women safety ahead of the
International Women’s Day which would be observed on March 8,’ she said.





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