Solve This Issue Before Something Wrong Happens

  • Government’s behaviour
    in Mudragada’s issue is atrocious
  • Tyrannical behaviour
    to cover up failure
  • Assault on Mudragada’s
    family is brutal
  • YSRCP’s support to
    Mudragada’s deeksha
  • Issue should be solved
    before his health deteriorates
  • Ban on media should be
    withdrawn: Kannababu

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s president of East Godavari District, Kurasala Kannababu
slammed the Government’s behaviour in the issue of Mudragada Padmanabham’s
deeksha. He remarked that it was making the people to regret their voting for
TDP. Speaking during a media conference at the party’s central office in
Hyderabad, Kannababu expressed his concern towards the tension built up in
Rajahmundry area.  He cautioned that the
Government was answerable for any possible harm to Mudragada.

Kannababu mentioned
that appointment of Manjunatha committee a year earlier would have avoided the
current tense situation, in light of TDP promising about joining Kapu community
in BC category right at the time of elections. He remarked that the Government
was least committed to this issue, given that it had not tried to form
regulations or schedule in time and was now doing it in haste. He questioned
the care it had for the deteriorating health of Mudragada. He slammed employing
the police for getting its revenge. He explained that the media had never been
controlled so tyrannically like now, in his 20 years of experience in the field
of media.

Kannababu criticised
the beating the family of Mudragada Padmanabham had to face, as was clearly
seen on the video film and stated that this had definitely been intentional. He
exclaimed that the Government was trying to suppress the strike being staged by
a leader against the Government’s inability to keep its promises. He questioned
what would be the fate of those social community that had been promised to be
joined in SC community. He reminded the assurance given by Achennayudu and Kala
Venkatrao on behalf of Government at the time of Mudragada’s previous deeksha
and stated that it was not kept.

Kannababu demanded to
know how the Government could target a single person or a party or a channel
without any proof of anti-social behaviour. He questioned how the individuals
arrested now were connected to the arson. He confronted why Mudragada was to
being allowed to have any visitors. He demanded release of information about
the well-being of Mudragada and his family.

Kannababu cautioned that
the Government was responsible for any possible harm to Mudragada’s health. He
complained that the TDP leaders belonging to the same social community were
being employed to speak against any pleas regarding this issue. He suggested
that the issue could never be solved if it was considered as a political
problem and proposed peaceful solution of it, before Mudragada’s health
deteriorated. He extended complete support to Mudragada on behalf of YSR
Congress Party.


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