Sharmila acquaints with farmers

As thousands of YSR and
Jagan fans, party activists and locals followed her,  Sharmila
continued Maro Prajaprasthanam  march in Anantapur district on Friday meeting and
mingling with people, mostly farmers and women, and paying attention to
know their plethora of problems.

When Sharmila’s
Padayatra reached Mallenapally village in Dharmavaram Mandal, a farmer
requested her to sow seeds in his agricultural field. Sharmila, agreeing to his
request, followed him into his field and sowed the seeds and then spoke to the
farmers who gathered there.

She enquired about the
power supply, input subsidies and the productivity they are getting from their

The farmers then began
listing out their problems such as lack of power, non-availability of seeds and
the absence of input subsidies. Sharmila consoled them and assured them that
all their problems would be solved when the YSRCP assumes power in the state
and asked them not to worry.

Meanwhile, YSRCP
activists complained that officials have stopped transmission of cable TV news
in Dharmavaram for the last three days in order to stop the dissemination of
news of Sharmila’s Padayatra which has been drawing tremendous response.

(Updated on Oct 26,2012)

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