Reject TDP, says Jagan

Nandyala, Aug 11: Appealing to the voters to give a decisive mandate 
against the corrupt governance of Chandrababu Naidu, YSR Congress 
President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that suddenly the constituency, 
which was neglected for three long years, hogged the attention of the 
cabinet and the assurances it has been giving of late lack sincerity as the 
ruling party has a history of going back on its promises.
‘TDP has been very active in horse trading and has been running the state 
on commercial terms and the electioneering too got into its matrix but 
people still remember the YSR model of governance and will not be carried 
away by the false assurances of Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh and their 
cabinet colleagues,’   he said while addressing a string of meetings on the 
third day of his campaigning for the by-poll.
TDP has been abusing official machinery and police force and has been 
luring all communities. When Arya Vysaya community expressed solidarity 
with our Party, police raided the house of a businessman in the dead of the 
night and started harassing one of the community members.
‘TDP is using all methods to terrorise its opponents or to buy them off. The 
ruling Party is facing a hopeless situation as it has done nothing during the 
past three years and not single section was benefited.  As they did not 
expect by-poll in this constituency, Nandyal too was neglected and when 
the elected leader defected and there was a by-poll after his death 
necessitating the by-poll, the government has come to town in a hurry 
doling sop after sop but people are aware of the reality.
The fight is not for a single seat of Nandyal. It is a fight between the right 
and wrong. It is a fight between values and anarchy and your vote will spell 
the mood of the people. Your vote will be against the corrupt rule of 
Chandrababu Naidu and to highlight the plight of all sections and their 
neglect by the TDP government. KC Canal modernization,  Siddeswaram and 
other irrigation projects which were forgotten by the TDP government 
would be taken up with the right earnest.  
‘What I have with me is the immense trust you people are showing and 
when this trust translates into votes Chandababu Naidu will be taught a 
fitting lesson, he said.

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