Polavaram’s Completion Is Mandatory

Vijayawada: Certain leaders are criticising the silence of AP Government while
upstream states are building a huge number of projects on River Godavari and
River Krishna. Particularly the Government of AP being indifferent towards
Telangana Government’s building projects at its will is facing resistance. A
conference has been held at Vijayawada to discuss the issue of Telangana’s re-designing
of irrigation projects over Krishna and Godavari.

Speaking in this conference, YSRCP MLC Ummareddy Venkateswarulu
cautioned that the state of AP would face a hard time if Polavaram project was
not completed in time. He commented that it was unjust of the Government to
give more importance to Pattiseema and neglecting Polavaram’s accelerated completion.
He slammed the Government for having stated that Polavaram project would be
completed by 2018 and now saying that the first stage of the project would be
soon completed.

Ummareddy expressed his agony towards the problem of severe water
scarcity faced by not only Rayalaseema but also Krishna and Godavari districts
and the districts of North Andhra region. He recollected how the state of AP
had earlier suffered due to Almatti dam and mentioned that the present AP state
would soon face problems due to projects happening in Telangana and slammed the
state Government for its silence in this matter. Water which was now
responsible for disputes among states would soon be a reason of disputes among
different areas of the state if the state Government continued to neglect this
issue, Ummareddy cautioned. He suggested that mortgaging the benefits of the
state for attaining personal political benefits was not fair. He mentioned that
united fight at the level of Supreme Court was necessary to accomplish the
portion of water the state deserved.

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