People Are Laughing At TDP's Governance

  • Keep aside publicity and concentrate on public welfare
  • Is engineering defection a way of development?
  • State is at stake due to your bragging
  • If you really have people's support, win in the elections
  • YSRCP's official spokesman K.Parthasarathy
Vijayawada: YSRCP's official spokesman, Kolusu Parthasarathy, slammed Chandrababu's threatening YSRCP MLAs into joining TDP and falsely publicising defection of YSRCP's MPTCs and ZPTCs, by decorating people not in power with yellow scarves. Cautioning Chandrababu about being ridiculed by people for his degraded politics, Parthasarathy spoke to the media at Vijayawada.

Questioning if any of the defectors had announced ill-respect of lack of trust towards YS Jagan, he  reminded that all of them had, indeed, criticised Chandrababu till one week prior to their defection and had left YSRCP only for their selfish benefits, but not for development.

Only two MPTCs defected YSRCP
Calling Chandrababu shameless for publicising that ten MPTCs had followed Uppuleti Kalpana into TDP, Parthasarathy revealed that only two of them (those from Pamarru and Pedaparipudi) had, in fact, defected YSRCP with Kalpana. The MPTCs who had falsely been claimed to have defected, participated in the press meet along with Parthasarathy.

He further went on to comment that there was no respect the defecting MLAs would garner in TDP, while those who had won from the party could not get appointment to meet the CM in the first place. Opining that defections had happened only due to threatening or enticement, but not because of interest in constituency's development, Parthasarathy revealed that each defecting MLA was being paid Rs.20-30 crore. He demanded answer from Chandrababu for engineering defection against the spirit of the constitution, as he always spoke about ethics.

Referring Uppuleti Kalpana, he wondered what virtue she had managed to see in Chandrababu whom she had considered a villain until then.

Release a white paper on the development you achieved
Parthasarathy demanded AP CM Chandrababu to release a white paper on the development he had achieved in the state in the past 3 years. He insisted on giving clarity about what work had been completed and what was still pending. He stated that Babu was responsible to explain how the income of the state had not increased, while he announced the GDP of the state exceeded that of the whole country. He also asked why welfare schemes were not being implemented. Blaming Chandrababu's false publicity about GDP as a reason for the centre's not granting funds to AP, he advised Babu to stop bragging in terminology intelligible to the general public, or at least try to include truths in that.

How many phases does Polavaram have?
Parthasarathy particularly demanded Chandrababu to reveal how many phases Polavaram project had, how much work had already been done, what is left to be done and when it would be completed. Inquiring about the reality in the statement that the project would be over by 2018, he slammed Chandrababu for concentrating more on encouraging party defection in the state, while neglecting to find ways to earn more funds from the centre to complete the project if NABARD gave less funds than announced.

Questioning why Purushottam Patnam lift irrigation scheme had been initiated if Polavaram could be completed by 2018 and how far was it reasonable to waste Rs.1800 crore of people's money for the scheme, he reminded that permissions and other important work for Polavaram had been done right under YSR's tenure 10 years back. He called it a joke for Chandrababu to announce that he had completed Pattiseema in just 9 months.

Face elections if you dare
Challenging Chandrababu's statement that 80% of the people of the state trusted and supported TDP, Parthasarathy said he had to make the 21 MLAs who had quit YSRCP to join TDP to resign and to seek fresh mandate. He suggested that Babu should keep publicity craze aside at least now and concentrate more on public welfare.
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