Peaceful Fight for Justice

  • Evilness
    of TDP exposed
  • Roja held back yet again by
    assembly marshals
  • Insult to Roja in the street
    under hot sun
  • Protest in Gadhian style

Hyderabad: Telugu
Desam Party showed its evilness once again in the assembly. It arrogantly
stopped woman YSRCP MLA Roja from entering the assembly in spite of her
carrying High Court’s orders voiding her suspension. YSRCP then resorted to
democratic protest.

MLA Roja reached the
assembly premises by the time assembly sessions started, but she was hindered
by the assembly marshals who had already gathered there. This proved
Chandrababu’s Government’s egotism again, holding the legislative assembly in
their clutches. Roja then protested in democratic fashion sitting on a foot
path near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Being obstructed she stayed under hot
sun for a long time. YSRCP MLAs extended support to her.

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