Payyavula is accountable to people

  • Purchased land: 4.09 acres
  • Cost price: Rs.12.27 lakh
  • Present value: Rs.8 crore
  • Land procurement by TDP senior leader and MLC Payyavula Keshav is another example of the huge land scam in the capital area by Government veterans and TDP leaders. It is known that CM Chandrababu promised to build a capital of international standard soon after he had come to power. But he maintained ambiguity regarding the exact location of it. However he made sure to secretly pass the information to his close allies and followers. Immediately Ananthapuram TDP senior leader Payyavula Keshav landed in the capital area to observe the cost of lands in various areas. He then bought 4.09 acres (2.13 acres under survey number 48/3 and 1.96 acres under 49/3) at Inavolu village near Tullur in core capital area and got it registered on 13th of October in 2014 with the name of his elder son Payyavula Vikramasimha.

    It was stated that 4.09 acres were bought for Rs.12.27 lakh at Rs.3.7 lakh per acre. But the current market value of lands in Inavolu is Rs.2 crore per acre, proving Payyavula’s property’s value multiplied by 50 times. Payyavula Keshav, who always exclaims that the opposition speaks against the Government out of jealousy for its public favour, is now accountable for his public-betraying act.

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