Party Defector Slammed By His Own Mother

Kurnool: Budda Obulamma, the mother of Budda Rajasekhar Reddy, MLA of Srisailam constituency, condemned the act of party defection committed by her son. She mentioned that her son was enticed by the ruling party. The family of Budda Rajasekhar Reddy assembled at Velpanuru village of Velugodu mandal in Kurnool district, after which Obulamma spoke to the media.
Obulamma stated that the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan had given ticket to her son who had met defeat in elections twice earlier and also worked for his victory, just due to the affection he had for the family. But her son Rajasekhar Reddy had disloyally and suddenly defected YSRCP, she remarked. She also mentioned that Budda Rajasekhar Reddy had been respected with the position of the party president of the district. She stated that she could not digest the fact that her son had been disloyal to his party just because of enticement with money.
Obulamma expressed happiness and gratitude for offering Seshareddy of the same family the responsible position of party in-charge. She assured that her family would stay by the side of YSRCP and called for all the followers to do the same.

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