Only Chandrababu knows how to loot people with sand


"In Amalapuram constituency, more and more farmers are turning to fishing due to lack of irrigation. But Chandrababu did not even spare the aquatic farmers," YS Jagan said.

YS Jagan noted that the price of the coconut crop is meant to be Rs 1,500 per quintal, while the Chandrababu government is failing to give even Rs 1,200.

Chandrababu's Heritage company purchases crops at a lower price from farmers and sells its products for 3-4 times the price, YS Jagan said.

Many drinking water projects in Amalapuram, Allavaram and Koonavaram have been ignored and there has been no progress in the last four years, he said. Farmers in the region recalled Dr YSR's Koonavaram drinking water project, which benefits 40,000 people in the region.

Dr. YSR inaugurated a summer storage project in a 44 acre land at Nadipudi, which benefits the people of Amalapuram, YS Jagan noted.

Workers in the drinking water schemes have not been given salaries for 8 months now, he said.

TDP's website removed its 2014 election manifesto, YS Jagan remarked. When various communities asked Chandrababu about implementation of his poll promises, he insults and humiliates them, he said. Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham was deliberately booked under cases, in order to supress their fight, YS Jagan added. The Chief Minister promised to include fishermen under STs and Nayee Brahmins were promised minimum wages, but he fulfilled neither of them, he added.
The drinking water scheme through Goureshwaram pipeline was envisioned by Dr YSR, he reminded the large gathering.

Chandrababu resorted to corruption to the tune of Rs 80 crores through his sand mafia for the construction of Allavaram ONGC Ship Terminal, he alleged. "From MLAs to Collectors, every person under TDP is corrupt and they have been looting the state. They are not even sparing the sand. Only Chandrababu Naidu knows how to loot people with sand," he added.

The TDP leaders exploited all resources like sand,cement,alcohol,electricity and coal, he said. They did not even spare temple lands and ornaments inside the temples, he alleged.

The Janma Bhoomi Committees demand money even for ration, pension, houses and toilets, he said.

Chandrababu showed us dreams of a capital similar to Singapore, Polavaram project, iconic tower, iconic bridge, silicon valley, 100-floor buildings, bullet train, Hyperloop, Microsoft office and 40 lakh jobs, he said. The government failed to fulfil every single promise it made, he added.

In the last four years, Chandrababu scrapped 640 SC hostels and 201 BC hostels, leaving 60,000 students stranded, he pointed out.

No salaries and raw material bills are being paid to mid-day meal workers, while no text books are supplied to government schools yet as we near the end of June, he said.

"Chandrababu even sent his partymen to promise jobs for students, irrespective of their educational qualification. He said if there were no jobs, he would give Rs 2000 to the jobless. But over the last four years, not even a penny has been paid. He has forgotten his promises all these years and now with elections approaching Chandrababu is playing a new drama," YS Jagan added.

Back in 2014, Chandrababu promised to waive farm loans, but instead he has burdened the state government with a loan of Rs 87,600 crores, he said. Bank loan notices continue to harass farmers and the women’s co-operative societies, he observed.

YS Jagan promised to increase the pension amounts to senior citizens in the state. To all senior citizens of age of over 60, pension of Rs 2,000 will be provided every month, he promised. Single women, aged above 45, will be given a pension of Rs 2,000 in Rajanna Rajyam, he added.

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