Nothing To Cheer About 2016

Hyderabad, Dec 31: YSR Congress has said that Chandrababu Naidu’s claims that people were happy in the year 2016 is nothing short of boasting as his policies had burdened all sections of people.

‘Chandrababu Naidu telling that people were happy in the year has no basis and they have faced many hardships which must be good news to the Chief Minister who had a good run in the enterprise of his own,’ party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Saturday.

In the bygone year people had to wade through many difficulties and all sections, farmers, women, students, workers, minorities, weaker sections were not happy. Being a coalition partner of NDA, no tangible development or project has come to the state and the year ended on a miserable note with demonetisation, she said.

Yet Chandrababu Naidu telling that he was happy about 2016 looks weird, maybe because there were monetary gains at a personal level for him or may be because the Chief Minister’s name was deleted from the cash for vote case, she said.

‘He could be happy as he had bought 21 legislators from the opposition during the year while many mandals were reeling under drought and loan waiver has increased with every passing day,’ she said.

As a responsible opposition, we have been the voice of the people and raised countless issues while TDP government has failed to take up a single issue or fulfill poll promises, she said adding that Chandrababu Naidu has never raised the issue of farmers with the Centre even in wake of demonetisation.

Many small and medium industries have closed down and not a single new industry had come up in the state and special status has been traded for Polavaram project. Neither jobs nor unemployment stipend was paid, she said.

Cabinet meetings were reduced to land distribution among a favoured few but had never known for discussing people’s issues, she said. 

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