Naidu owes an apology to the state

Hyderabad, Nov 30, 2013: Blaming TDP leader N
Chandrababu Naidu for the under-utilization of surplus Krishna waters during
his term as Chief Minister, YSR Congress has said he owes an apology to the
people of the State as his polices always benefited the neighboring state as
he lacked vision and has no understanding on irrigation, agriculture and

“He did not complete a single project that were
envisioned by NTR and conceded the rights on surplus Krishna water and allowed
Karnataka to increase the height of Almatti dam enabling it to capture an
additional 133 TMC of water meting out grave injustice to farmers of the State,’
party leaders Vasireddy Padma and Gattu Ramachandra  Rao told reporters
here on Saturday.

While Naidu’s track record on irrigation front is
so dismal, he leveling false allegations against YSR that an affidavit was
given on the issue which resulted in the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal verdict going
against the State.

“This is total distortion of facts. YSR has
contended that it is not the right but the lower riparian state has freedom to
utilize the surplus water and flood waters as well. Had Chandrababu Naidu built
projects on the
Krishna surplus waters during
his term, things would not have come to such a pass, they said.

It was YSR who had taken up projects under
Jagayagnam to rectify the mistakes committed by TDP rule and had started seven
projects on a fast track as he could foresee that the right on surplus water
would be forfeited by State if it was silent.

In the affidavit, YSR has contended that the State
has the freedom to utilize the surplus waters and flood waters, while TDP is
distorting the facts and trying to shift the blame on YSR. He has given the
budgetary allocation of 32,000 crores for irrigation which was unprecedented.

Naidu on the other hand headed the State as a World
Bank agent and did very little for agriculture and irrigation, he allowed the
Karnataka Government to increase the height of Almatti dam from 591 to 524.4
mts thereby increasing the capacity from 170 TMC to 303 TMC.

The TDP Chief should apologise to the people of the
state for neglecting the
Krishna waters issue
while he was at the helm and the Party is prepared for a debate at any forum,
they said.



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