Loan waiver sought to the cyclone-hit

Smt. Y
S Vijayamma, MLA

Hon. President


October 19, 2013

Sri Manmohan Singh jee,

Hon’ble Prime Minister

Government of

New Delhi


Respected Sir,

Relief operations to the farmers, fishermen and others badly
affected due to the cyclone (Phailin)  in
Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh—Regd/-

The recent Phailin Cyclone has left a trail of
destruction and devastation in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh affecting
a multitude of people and snatching away their livelihood as they remain castaway
from their routine.

It is unfortunate that no aerial survey was done
nor any relief work was carried out by the state government till now to match
the magnitude of damage done by the killer cyclone which has thrown life out of
gear in Srikakulam district and people are living in utter despair.

I had extensively toured the affected areas in
Kanchili, Kaviti and Sompet mandals of Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh
and had seen the plight of people firsthand. Farmers had lost their crop, fishermen
lost boats, nets and many people lost their means of livelihood. The locals
said that they had not received any aid from the government.

The State Government has totally failed in giving
assurance to the affected people as paddy crops were washed away, cashew nut
groves were badly affected and coconut trees fell causing immense loss to
farmers. Fishermen were badly hit as their boats and fishing nets were either
damaged or washed away. Hence we request you to direct the state government to
address the issue and take up the measures required. We also request the
central government to send teams to assess the damage caused by cyclone and
immediately release funds for reconstruction and relief activities.

 We demand that
immediate aid should be provided to all affected people of the region
without any further delay.

  1. Compensation of Rs.
    10,000 should be paid per acre for the standing crops destroyed in cyclone
    as per Huda Committee recommendations.
  2.  All
    loans taken by farmers in the affected should be waived by the Central
    Government. Compensation should be paid to coconut farmers not on the
    count per tree but on the basis of acre as a unit.
  3.  Compensation should be paid to farmers of
    cashew and other horticulture crops.
  4. Crop compensation
    scheme should also be applicable to all farmlands irrespective of the
    stage of agricultural operation.
  5.  Fishermen
    did not get any relief till date. They should get adequate compensation
    and immediate relief starting from rice and groceries.
  6.  Compensation
    should be given to all fishermen whose boats were washed away or damaged.
  7.  Alternative
    employment opportunities should be shown to those who lost their
  8. The affected areas are
    still groping in darkness; power supply should be restored immediately.
  9.   Drinking water has been scarce and it
    should be provided forthwith.

 We request that the Government act immediately in providing relief
to the people who are in distress in the district which was battered by the

 Thanking you

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