Janke And Kondareddy Challenge The Defectors

Rajamalle: Markapuram MLA Janke Venkata Reddy and former MLA KP Konda Reddy challenged Yerragondapalem MLA Palaparthi David Raju to resign to his post and seek fresh mandate. Leaders and activists of YSRCP arranged for Prabha at the Brahmothsavams of Tirumalanatha Swamy.
Speaking on this occasion, MLA Venkata Reddy demanded the defecting MLAs, MPPs and ZPTC members of the district to face the people and tell them what was the reason for their defection, greed for money and power or selfish benefits. He questioned how could one be sure that the defectors of YSRCP of today would not defect TDP in future.
The MLA mentioned that the state flourished during YS Rajasekhar Reddy's tenure with agriculture due to abundance of rainfall and water bodies being filled, leading to happy and content lives of the people. He also remarked that during the previous 9-year rule and the current rule of TDP, there was not enough precipitation and people were suffering from lack of irrigation water and drinking water. He acclaimed YSR for initiating Pooa Subbaiah Veligonda project and sanctioning crores of rupees of funds to dams, canals and tunnels. He called for everybody to take up the responsibility of making YS Jagan the CM of the state in order for YSR's schemes to be implemented.

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