It's high time that TDP MPs join the deeksha

YSR Congress Party MP Midhun Reddy said that it was high time that the ruling Telugu Desam party MPs parked their political ambitions aside and joined the deeksha to bring pressure on the government to soften its stand on SCS. 
He also reminded them that this was in the interest of the state. Andhra Pradesh is neck-deep in debt and only SCS can help salvage the situation, he added. Chandrababu had obstructed YSRCP's struggle for SCS in the past and has never once raised the issue in the last four years of his rule. 
The same person who had settled for a special package saying SCS wouldn't benefit the state much, he has now taken a U-turn after realising that people had turned against him over his decision to mortgage the interests of the state.
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