Is It A Fault To Point Out Faults?

Ananthapuram: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan questioned if nobody was allowed to point out the faulty and deceptive nature of Chandrababu. He spoke to the people at yadiki village in Ananthapuram as part of his Rythu Bharosa Yatra. He described the corrupt practices of Chandrababu.

YS Jagan slammed the corrupt practices and atrocities of TDP Government, specifying sand mafia and coal mafia. He calculated that 17 MLAs had been unlawfully bought by TDP till date, spending almost Rs.600 crore and questioned where this money could possibly have come from. He remarked that all the promises done before elections had been ignored. He opined that there was no wrong in pointing out the wrong doing of Chandrababu. He called for driving away such a leader.

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