Inflated GDSP Only For Loans, Kickbacks

Hyderabad, Jan 5: YSR Congress has said that Chandrababu Naidu has been boasting of inflated GDSP rate only to secure loans which could be misappropriated and ridiculed his remarks on the cash prize for Nobel Prize.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday Ambati Rambabu said:’ Chandrababu Naidu has been claiming 12 % growth rate so that the state can take 3 % loan from the Centre and TDP government has urged Delhi to increase the loan component to 4 %.

This is only to get more loans from the Centre which can be used by his favoured few in the form of commissions. Simple observation shows that while the national GDP rate has been 7.2 %, which is disputed by international agencies, which has a back-up of 20 % revenue growth the state has been staking claim of over 12 % GDSP growth without corresponding increase in revenue. This is only to get more funds as loans which can be lavishly spent and get kickbacks, he said.

He also criticized the Chief Minister’s remarks that he would give Rs 100 crores if anyone from the state gets a Nobel Prize. He was speaking at an august gathering of learned scholars and scientists at the Science Congress in Tirupati.

Without creating infrastructure, Chandrababu Naidu announcing a purse which is more than the actual sum of Nobel Prize is ridiculous. No one would work for money as the sanctity of the Prize has some value and commitment attached to it and need not be viewed on commercial terms, he said.

The Chief Minister boasting of special package has no meaning as there is nothing special in it. What was assured in the State Reorganisation Act also was not secured, he said.

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