A Government That Lacks Shame

  • Babu has slaughtered democracy
  • AP’s rights have been mortgaged to Telangana
  • MLAs are being bought like cattle in a fair
  • YS Jagan only can fight against these atrocities: YSRCP leaders

Kurnool: YSRCP MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy complained against
Chandrababu’s unresponsiveness towards Telangana’s unlawful projects. Speaking
at the site of Jala Deeksha launched by the leader of opposition and YSRCP
president YS Jagan, he informed that Telangana Government had initiated
projects since the last 10 months on River Krishna and River Godavari. He
expressed his concern towards the future of AP if Telangana drew 120 TMC of
water. Mekapati proclaimed that party defection was unethical and it was ridiculous
to buy MLAs spending crores of rupees. He mentioned that the state of defectors
in TDP was now very sad. He stated that they could not speak in the house of
law anymore. He called for ending Chandrababu’s atrocities.

AP has been mortgaged to Telangana

Ambati Rambabu

YSRCP’s official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu complained that
Chandrababu had been staying dormant while YS Jagan worked for the state’s wellbeing.
He blamed Chandrababu for being silent out of his fear for inquiry in Note for
Vote case. He slammed the TDP leaders passing unfair comments against the
well-intended Jala Deeksha. He remarked that Chandrababu had exploited people’s
trust to win elections and deceiving them. He stated that Babu had mortgaged
the benefits of the state for his selfishness.

YSR projects for the state’s prosperity

Anantha Venkatrami Reddy

Kurnool: YSRCP leader in Kurnool district, Anantha Venkatrami
Reddy mentioned that Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy had initiated many projects in the
state in view of making the state prosperous. Speaking at YS Jagan’s Jala
Deeksha, he complained against Chandrababu’s failure to provide the state with
minimum needs like water. He stated that Babu had been bluffing people during
his visits in the districts. He questioned Chandrababu’s silence towards
construction of Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dindi projects. He blamed Chandrababu
for not being able to complete the projects initiated and almost completed by
YSR. He criticised Chandrababu’s greed. He exclaimed that YS Jagan had taken up
the responsibility which was otherwise that of the CM of the state keeping in
view the welfare of the state. He stated that Telangana’s projects would be
stopped only by YS Jagan.

YS Jagan’s strike for the future of the farmers

Former minister K.Parthasarathy

Kurnool: YSRCP’s official spokesman and former
minister Parthasarathy proclaimed that the leader of opposition and YSRCP
president YS Jagan had launched Jala Deeksha, determined to protect the future
of the farmers and the state. He acclaimed YS Jagan to be the only leader in
the country to have staged so many strikes for the welfare of the state. He
complained that Chandrababu had failed in protecting the rights of the people
of the state. He dared Chandrababu to bring pressure on the centre if he had
any commitment to the state’s benefits. Parthsarathy criticised that the
irrigation minister of the state was the biggest incompetent person in the
country. He complained that the minister had more interest in selling sand and
mud than in projects and water. He slammed TDP leaders for passing negative
comments on YS Jagan who had been fighting for the people. He challenged
Chandrababu to come forward and fight for the people if he had any trace of

I am proud to
introduce myself as a fan of YSR

MLA Rachamallu Sivaprasad Reddy

Kurnool: Proddutur MLA Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy mentioned that
Chandrababu was providing unwanted liquor to the people of the state while they
were actually badly in need for water and that he was supplying buttermilk to
undo the effect of liquor. He stated that he took more pride in introducing
himself as a huge fan of YSR and YS Jagan rather than as an MLA and added that
he was ready to even give up his life for his favourite leaders. He criticised
that Chandrababu was more interested in buying MLAs like cattle rather than in acting
to stop the unlawful projects being built in upstream Telangana. He remarked
that the defectors were believing Chandrababu just as sheep would trust their
butcher and predicted that these sheep would taste failure in the next
elections. Rachamallu exclaimed that YS Jagan had taken the responsibility of
the welfare of the people and had been fighting for their rights. He suggested
that all political parties joined YSRCP in this fight in order to not see AP as
a desert. He called for the support of the people for the peaceful fight against
the Government’s ways.

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