E-Pass Books To Ensure Mismanagement Of Lands

  • Decision
    of e-pass books should be withdrawn
  • The
    decision only benefits corporate powers
  • Who
    responsible for loss of lands by farmers in the process?
  • GO
    271 should be withdrawn: MVS Nagireddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP farmers’ wing president MVS Nagireddy remarked
that the Government had introduced the system of e-pass books only to harm the
farmers. He demanded that the Government withdrew the decision to cancel the
title deeds and the pass books held by the farmers for a long time. Speaking to
the media at the party’s central office in Hyderabad, he expressed concern
about the situation of farmers with the decision taken by the Government.

Nagireddy slammed the Government for implementing GO 271 from
the 1st of this month in spite of suggestions that it would cause
more farmers to commit suicide. He reminded how even the media supportive of
the Government also wrote that e-pass book system might give way to corruption
in revenue department. He mentioned that the Government might lose its lands if
registrations happened through 1B register as per GO 271. He questioned the
Chief Minister and the revenue minister who would take the responsibility if
the farmers’ lands were registered under somebody else’s names and they lost their
ownership on their lands. He demanded immediate withdrawal of the decision of
implementation of e-pass books, stating this would only harm farmers. He cited
how former PM Jawahar Lal Nehru introduced Green Revolution and Lal Bahadur
Sastry said ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan’.

Babu effecting farmers’ confidence

Nagireddy stated that the decision was a blow to the confidence
and respect of farmers who had been living on the lands since generations. He
stated that they had taken up a survey with farmers’ association at Konduru
village of Kaikaluru mandal in Krishna district on the Government’s decision.
He revealed that out of 250 accounts in the village, 140 were faulty and that
lands were registered on somebody else’s names. He exclaimed that the sincere
officials in revenue department were afraid due to this decision.

Nagireddy explained that the decision of e-pass books would only
benefit certain corporate powers.  He
reminded the Government’s promises to implement the recommendations of
Swaminathan committee and to arrange Rs.5000 crore fund for cost standardization
and questioned what had happened to those promises. He cautioned that YSRCP was
ready to fight along with farmers’ associations for their benefit if the use of
e-pass books and title deeds was not resumed.

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