Drought And Chandrababu Are Inseparable Twins

Ananthapuram: YSRCP leaders criticised that the state Government had miserably failed in coming to the aid of farmers suffering due to drought. He mentioned that the situation of farmers worsened after Chandrababu had come to power. They slammed Chandrababu for boasting to have won over the drought using rain guns. They stated that the Rythu Mahadharna being conducted at Ananthapuram was to open the eyes of the Government.

Babu is increasing the drought

Ananthapuram: YSRCP's president of farmers' wing, MVS Nagireddy, reminded how during Chandrababu's tenure before 2004, farmers had suffered due to lack of rainfall, water not being released from projects, not getting fair price for their produce and having burdening debts, prompting them to commit suicide. He explained that from the 22 central cooperative banks in the state during Babu's tenure, 18 had gone bankrupt and got shut down. He reminded how Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy had provided the farmers with 9 hours of free electricity per day, besides offering seeds with subsidy, agricultural equipment and implementing waiver of loans.
Nagireddy mentioned that Chandrababu had owed to fill AP, during a speech in Ananthapuram district, with green colour in the presence of Dr.Abdul Kalam. He commented that drought and Chandrababu were inseparable twins. He  exclaimed that Babu was filling the state with drought while Telangana CM was working to increase the amount of cultivation land in his state. He called it shameful of Chandrababu to boast that he had wiped Ananthapuram district of drought, while almost 5 lakh people had migrated to Chennai and Bengaluru from this district alone.

Babu directs the rain gun movie

Constituency coordinator Dr.PV Siddhareddy remarked that the district otherwise famous for peanut cultivation, now had crops useful not even for fodder. He ridiculed that Babu had raised curtain for the making of the movie of rain guns right in Kadiri constituency. He commented that a few holes had been dug hastily for the movie and a few tankers had been placed before Babu could go back in his helicopter. He added that the dug holes hardly had any water and the rain guns had reached TDP leaders' houses without doing much for the farmers. Siddhareddy criticised Babu's being felicitated in the coastal areas for chasing away drought.
He slammed ministers and MLAs of the district for not questioning the CM in spite of not sanctioning input subsidy for 3 years. He commented that nobody was daring to demand for sanction of insurance amount although the situation demanded Rs.20,000 per acre. He stated that their leader YS Jagan had come to question the Government on behalf of farmers and demanded justice for the farmers from the Government. He also made it clear that YSRCP would take care of the farmers in case Babu totally failed.

Farmers should teach Babu a lesson

Leader of Singanamala constituency, Sambasiva Reddy, slammed Chandrababu for boasting about providing irrigation with rain guns and chasing away drought, without really watering even an acre in Ananthapuram district. He suggested that Babu should understand the drought situation at least by looking at the number of farmers participating in the Rythu Mahadharna today. He demanded to knowwhat had happened to Chandrababu's promise of waiving farmers' loans and becoming every family's beloved first son. He called for everyone to teach Chandrababu a lesson at the time of 2019 elections.

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