Don't Dare To Foul Mouth About YS Jagan

  • TDP MLA Sridhar immersed in corruption dirt
  • Robbery of God's assets
  • Victims of sand pits will curse you
  • Srishar doesn't qualify to foul-mouth about YS Jagan
  • YSRCP's constituency coordinator Manohar Naidu
: YSRCP's coordinator of Pedakurapadu constituency, Kavati Siva Naga Manohar Naidu, warned TDP leaders against foul-mouthing about the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan. Speaking to the media, he criticised TDP MLA Kommalapati Sridhar, who was himself immersed in sand mafia, robbing crores of rupees of people's money, for speaking ill of YS Jagan.

Questioning the MLA's corruption in Neeru-Chettu scheme and Sadavarthi scam, Manohar Naidu mentioned how sand pits dug everywhere had taken many lives and stated that the leader responsible would be cursed.
He also opined that the MLA who had swallowed Krishna pushkarams' funds had no right to speak about YS Jagan and mentioned that people of the constituency knew very well about the corrupt practices of the MLA and would teach him a lesson in the next elections. He also confided that YS Jagan was a leader who worked for the welfare of the poor.

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