Do you dare to find farmers’ verdict?

  • State Government engaged in deceiving people
  • Do not misuse your power to speak as you wish
  • Hold Water Management Board’s elections if you dare
  • People are resenting the Government: Chevireddy
  •  Assembly: YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy criticized that the Government had been deceiving people with false statements and promises to cover its failure in keeping promises. He commented that people believed that CM Chandrababu had a natural gift of ability to lie and he engaged in deception. Chevireddy added that this deception spread from village level to capital city level. He stated that the TDP leaders ruled with deception as their agenda. He also said that people no longer cared to believe them.

     Chandrababu, who promised that he would waive loans upon getting into power, deceived crores of farmers of the state after his aim was fulfilled, complained Chevireddy. He added that Chandrababu was one of his kind in the whole country. He criticized the ruling party leaders’ careless and irresponsible way of answering the questions of the opposition leaders in the assembly. He stated that all the ministers tried to do was to accuse late Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy or YS Jagan instead of talking about people’s problems. He opined that it was the first time in the history of AP’s assembly that the chief minister, the ministers and the MLAs were misusing their power to speak as they wished.

     Chevireddy challenged the TDP Government to stop lying about waiving loans when they did not and to conduct the Water Management Board’s elections if they dared. Then farmers would teach Babu a lesson with their verdict, he opined. Chevireddy stated that it was saddening to see the situation where the collector had to nominate for Water Management Board’s elections. He mentioned that Water Management Board’s elections were held in order to ensure all the farmers carried out their cultivation with no problems and questioned the Government how farmers could benefit if nomination was done by the collector. He also added that the Government was not holding elections only with the fear of losing them due to farmers’ resentment.

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