Division politically motivated: YSRCP

Hyderabad, Aug 1, 2013: Describing
as politically motivated the Congress decision to split the state into two, YSR
Congress has said uncertainty looms large over Seemandhra and this would spell
doom to the UPA in the ensuing elections.  

“The decision
was not to carve a separate Telangana but it has created a separate Seemandhra
with scant infrastructure with the sole intention of gaining seats with the
help of TRS as surveys have predicted very poor performance by the Congress in
the next general elections, “ party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters
here on Wednesday.

The division
of the state is not to honour the sentiments of any one region, but it is
absolutely politically motivated; in the process people of Seemandhra are put
to a great disadvantage. We have written to the Centre that any decision that
it takes should be agreeable to all stakeholders and people of no region should
be left in the lurch.

We advocated
that the issue should be sorted out as a family matter and no member should be
ignored or belittled if the division is inevitable.

The decision
has raised contrasting feelings among the two regions and such decision without
considering and discussing the future consequences is not in the true spirit of

The timing of
the decision clearly shows that it is politically motivated as the Seemandhra
leaders, who had put in their papers immediately after the December
9 announcement, have now fell silent. This indicates that the leaders have
been subdued, lured or influenced by the high command.

leaders should quit their posts in protest against the decision as it affects
the lives of the entire region.

Naidu, who came out of hibernation started speaking about the package
Seemandhra needs to get its infrastructure but did not utter a single word
about the injustice meted out to the region. This shows that he is
hand-in-glove with Delhi,” he said.

The TDP was a
mute spectator to the developments as if tutored and kept itself aloof from
such an important development without giving its view and suddenly wakes up
with some financials about how much it would cost to build a new capital.

This shows
that the Party has lost its relevance and is not in touch with the people.

people do not know where the capital would be, they are totally in dark about
the power situation and have no inkling about water sharing and do not know the
right they have in the joint capital. Without answering such questions, if
Centre announces the division of the state, it is unilateral and without taking
into consideration the sentiments and future problems in to account. Hence we
term it as a politically motivated decision, he said.

Pradesh has been a goose which gave 33 golden eggs to the Centre and if it
wishes to bisect the State, Congress will suffer badly at the hustings, he said. 

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