CM’s Unjust Comments On The Leader Of Opposition

  • Chandrababu does not deserve to mention national leaders’ names
  • NTR called Babu a betrayer
  • Babu’s life is filled with conspiracies and killings
  • There is no other opposition leader like YS Jagan in the history
    of AP
  • Babu’s fury towards YS Jagan for hindering his corruption
  • YSRCP’s General Secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s General Secretary Bhumana karunakar Reddy
made it clear that the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan would
not sleep until he exposed all the faults and deception of AP CM Chandrababu
Naidu. He condemned Babu’s comments that it was a wonder to see an opposition
leader like YS Jagan and commented that Babu hated YS Jagan only because the
latter had been hindering TDP from practicing corruption. He spoke to the media
at the party’s central office on Monday.

Bhumana called it ridiculous for Chandrababu to announce that he
had seen great leaders in his 40-year long career like Pucchalapalli
Sundaraiah, Chandra Rajeswara Rao, Nambudri Padi, Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy
and Rosaiah. He commented that Babu had mentioned the names of such great
leaders with missing respect and added that he did not deserve to even mention
their names. He called Babu a toxic plant among the medicinal plants. He remarked
that no other CM of the state had faced accusations as much as Babu did. He
commented that Babu had polluted the state politics and added that NTR’s words
reflected Babu’s real character. He played the video tape of NTR comparing Babu
with Aurangazeb and calling him a betrayer.

Who I responsible for those killings?

If Chandrababu was such a flawless leader, who had killed the
independent candidate Polanki Venkata Subbaiah in 1991 at Kadapa, questioned
Bhuma. He also questioned who had gotten Kotaiah, a Girijan candidate after
taking bribe of Rs.50 lakh from Dr.Prabhakar Naidu for party ticket during 1994
assembly elections. Bhumana commented that Babu’s whole life was filled with
conspiracies and killings. He also called him a wizard.

Scared of KCR..

Former MLA Bhumana questioned why Chandrababu had fled to
Amaravthi so soon, in spite of having promised that he would stay for 10 more years.
He reminded that Babu wanted to be here till Telangana TDP came to power. But
after being caught inNote for Vote scam, he started fearing KCR and so evaded
to Amaravathi as soon as he could, remarked Bhumana.

YS Jagan’s personality is our asset

Karunakar Reddy confided that YS Jagan’s personality, character
and determination were YSRCP’s assets. He criticised that Chandrababu had not
kept at least one of his promises and that he even ignored the 5 signatures he
had made on the day of his swearing in. When YS Jagan was fighting against this
attitude of Chandrababu, the latter was commenting that he was hindering the
state’s development, Bhumana complained.

He questioned if it was wrong to expect Polavaram to be
completed or to demand for the construction of Amaravathi. He specified that YS
Jagan had been asking for development and had started fighting as it had not
happened. But CM had conspired to divide the opposition, complained Bhumana. He
slammed babu for spending Rs.30-40 crore on each MLA to buy them. He stated
that there had never been an opposition leader like YS Jagan in the history of
the state. He confided that YS Jagan would not rest until justice was served to
the deceived people.

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