Chandrababu's Words Are All Fake

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP leaders remarked that Chandrababu's words were all fake. They protested on the shore of Visakhapatnam against the deceptive rule of Chandrababu's Government. They commented that the central and the state Governments had failed in realising the promises made to people prior to elections.
They held water bags and air baloons in their hands to show their protest raising slogans "Prabhuthwam haameelu - Neeti mootalu" (translated, "The Government's promises are water bags and air baloons", an expression to say they are temporary and can go invisible any time) and "Manthrulu rajeenama cheyandi - Andhra Pradesh ni kaapaadandi" (translated "Ministers have to resign and save the state"). YSRCP's coordinator of the constituency Pola Guruvulu, John Wedley and other leaders and activists participated in the event.

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