Chandrababu's wild activities

The YSRCP MLA Bhaskar Reddy bruised in anger on Chandrababu Naidu. He said that
Naidu is not allowing any government officer to work by engaging them in review
meetings and teleconferences. This is making them limited to the office and
they are not getting chance to find the details of the flood areas fired
Bhaskar Reddy.

rains have damaged the crops, houses and people are not having shelter to
protect themselves said Chevi Reddy. He commented that Naidu's wicked actions
are not clear  as he is not allowing the
officials to move out but making them limited to offices.  Chevi Reddy stated that, to support the
victims of the flood affected areas, Jagan is touring in the place and will
bend the necks of the government to get the justice. 

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