Chandrababu’s behaviour is saddening

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  • Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition expressed his unhappiness for CM Chandrababu’s insincere behaviour pertaining to the capital city.  He spoke in the assembly during the discussion about thanking Governor’s speech. Here is what he spoke…

    “I do not understand why Chandrababu goes to Delhi. Is he going as part of his attempts to come out of the ‘Note for Vote’ case in which he was caught with proofs? Whenever he goes to Delhi, we wait for him to come back with compensation. He rejects the 20,000 acres of D-grade forest land in Vinukonda of Guntur district. He is interested in land pooling for the benefit of his binamis. He does not utilize the sources offered by the centre. Whenever he visits countries like Singapore and China, he says that he will make the state like that country. It has been 2 years now, but not a brick has been laid yet. He puts forward some photos and shows buildings in it. We have been waiting for two years now.

    At the time of bifurcation, special railway zone for Visakhapatnam and a plant for Kadapa were promised with Parliament as witness. Neither the railway zone nor the petrochemical complex took shape till now. Steel factory is out of discussion. Chandrababu keeps bluffing. Why is Babu not demanding the centre for any of these? After two years of waiting, I choose to question why he has no commitment regarding any of these issues.

    Why did Babu not give ultimatum to the centre? Why is he not threatening to withdraw the central ministers? Babu’s behaviour is really saddening. There is no pinch of sincerity in it. He is drawing different pictures here and at the centre”, exclaimed YS Jagan.

    At this, point, the state Government pushed minister Achennayudu forward to exhibit irrelevant abuse as it had no proper answer to give.

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