Chandrababu Is Trying To Cheat People Of AP Again

Mulikipalli, East Godavari District: It was raining heavily since the morning and yet, hundreds of sports persons came from all parts of the state, including many who were stalwarts of international and national stature.  It was indeed a very special experience to light the Olympic torch, wave the flag and kickstart the Olympic run amidst thousands of sports lovers.  It is with the intention of creating widespread sports awareness and to inspire others, that these sports persons took part with tremendous enthusiasm in the event.

These distinguished sportspersons expressed their indignation at the attitude of the state government which neglected their lot. They were furious with the corrupt TDP government and the officials who were responsible for the sorry state of sports affairs. They were hopeful that after four years of neglect, sports would once again be accorded due primacy under Rajanna Rajyam and participated in the run with zeal, holding the Olympic torch. I was reminded of three highly talented sports persons who over the past month, pointed out to me how the TDP government neglected them completely and did not lend a helping hand to them. Siromani, a weightlifter, Naganjali, a runner and Ambika, a boxer and cycle polo player, are symbols of government apathy. They had won several medals and distinguished themselves in their chosen areas of sport and yet were ignored by the government and did not receive any encouragement. As a result, they drifted away from their disciplines.

It had been raining since morning and because the roads and highways became wet and muddy, making it difficult for those accompanying me on my Padayatra, I decided to take a short break.

Dhanalakshmi, who met me in Chintapalli, told me that she had completed her masters in zoology five years ago and her husband had finished his B.Ed. and was also waiting for a job. Chandrababu Naidu had promised a job for every household at the time of elections. They were hopeful that one of them would get a job. Four years down the road neither of them has landed a job! The TDP’s tenure, meanwhile, is coming to an end, she deplored.

After having cheated all segments of society making false promises and giving fake assurances, Chandrababu Naidu is now introducing short-term schemes which would hold good for only four months, six months ahead of elections. This is yet another attempt by him to deceive the common people for electoral gains and advantage.

I met youth from Malkipuram Mandal, who went on a bicycle traversing 1,500 kms every year to Sabarimala in Kerala, and prayed to Ayyappa Swami that Rajanna Rajyam should return to the state. “Anna, we made a vow that we would travel to Sabarimala on foot, if Rajanna Rajyam was restored to AP.” These words from them left me speechless.

Hundreds of social media volunteers from all over the state, who created tremendous awareness in people on the corruption in the Telugu Desam government and exposed its scams, met me today.  I congratulated them on their good work and for fighting for the people of the state.

I have a question for the chief minister—you had promised that as soon as you come to power you would fill up 1,42,000 jobs in the state and have not fulfilled this promise. Does this not amount to cheating the unemployed?  You had given an assurance that the APPSC recruitment calendar would be announced and appointments made in a fair and just manner. This was not done, but you have betrayed the jobless sections of society again who had pinned their hopes on these recruitments. Are you not playing with the lives of the unemployed who have been preparing for these competitive exams for years? You now say that vacancies would be filled up and executive posts of Group II merged with those of Group I—is this not unfair?
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