Chandrababu is polluting the country's judicial system

YSRCP SC cell president Merugu Nagarjuna criticized Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu over his indifference towards important matters in the state.

Speaking to the media, Nagarjuna said that Chandrababu is polluting the country's judicial system with his interference. He asked the chief minister to also demanded that babu reply to a letter written by Justice Eshwariah. He also demanded CBI inquiry over Chandrababu's misuse of the judicial system.

He also asserted that people from dalit and tribal community were not benefited by any of the schemes launched in his regime. Nagarjuna also demanded to know from Babu on the number of Dalits who were benefitted from his SC/ST sub-plan.

"In the last four years, not even a single job has been filled in the state," he said. He also accused Babu of cheating dalits to grab their lands.

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