Chandrababu Obsessed With Singapore Firms

Hyderabad, Jan 7: Reiterating that Chandrababu is obsessed with Singapore companies for the development of capital area region, YSR Congress has said after drawing flak from courts as we for adopting the faulty Swiss Challenge method, he has withdrawn and came through backdoor by mending the rules to drive competitors away and allow only his coterie to get the qualification from the bidding stage itself.

We will not allow such irregularities and fight it out party senior leader Bhumana Karunakara Reddy told reporters here on Saturday and took strong objection to the issue of notification in regard to the allocation of works to Singapore Company with clauses that keep the competitors away from the scene and makes only the foreign company to qualify.

‘The details of the infrastructure being developed is not made clear and no one knows how, when and what would be built, but Chandrababu Naidu has amended the Infrastructure Enabling Act to make it tailor-made for the benefit of Singapore consortium and to keep the competitors at bay. 

This has a single point agenda of commercial interest as the State has surrendered to the Consortium which was given 16,091 acres on a platter with terms heavily loaded in favour of the foreign company which leads to rampant corruption.’

The state playing a second fiddle to the infrastructure development has only 42 % stake while the Singapore consortium walks away with 58 % share and has rights for 25 years while any disputes should be settled in British courts which shows how heavily the terms are loaded in favour of the foreign companies, he said.

YSR Congress will fight out such discrimination and unfair practices of nepotism and the rampant corruption and misappropriation in the capital area development, he said.
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