Chandrababu Naidu’s crime: A farmer commits suicide

Anantapur: A young farmer, Kodanda Ram Reddy in Rayapalli, Uravakonda constituency, Anantapur District, committed suicide. Sources said Kodanda Rami Reddy, had applied for a crop loan along with renewal of previous loans on his agriculture land. It is said by the sources that  because of the Crop waiver scheme initiated by AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu which turned out to be a cheating Ram Reddy committed suicide.

Though Kodanda Ram Reddy pursued his MBA, he continued agriculture from his father in his own village as he lost his father. He has to make loans for his sister’s marriage and to meet other expenses. So, to manage the expenses, he had to take loan on his farm land. He believed on the agricultural loan waiver scheme initiated by Chandrababu Naidu. But, at last it was found to be a trick played by the TDP Government due to which he was in a pool of debts. Crop loans waiver is believed by all. It is observed that only Rs. 7000 has been waivered instead of Rs. 64000. There was huge interest left to be paid on the left over amount. In between the loans made for his sisters marriage also added to it. Due to this, he could not come out of the debts. Though he paid some amount, the banks rejected his application and mentioned that loan can be given only if the prior loan is cleared. When he could not make any headway, he consumed pesticide on the bank premises.

New turn in the suicide of Kondanda Ram Reddy:
A new turn is observed in the suicide of Kodanda Ram Reddy. Though Ram Reddy has requested a lot, the bank employees could not be courteous towards him and as they could not control him, they even called the police at that moment. According to the live witness, police took charge on Ram Reddy in the bank premises itself. The insult of getting knocked by the police could not be tolerated by Ram Reddy and he attempted suicide. His family could not digest the news and were in shock.

YSR Congress MLA acted as a great support:
On knowing the situation, the Uravakonda YSR Congress legislator Y. Visweswar Reddy rushed to the spot and spoke with the farmer’s family members. He held the state government responsible for the suicide of farmers due to its lack of clarity on the loan waiver scheme. He threatened to launch an agitation across the state if the situation continued and demanded justice for the family members of Reddy. He even insisted that the Govenrment has to support his family with Rs. 15 lakhs.  He expressed his sorrow and related that in many places people are suffering due to the fraud schemes initiated by the Government.

Government negligence:
No one from the TDP Government visited the place even realizing the mishap in Anantapur. There are Senior Leaders and Ministers but they not even bothered to visit. This lies as a story of a poor farmer who 
lost his family due to the fake schemes of the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh. The negligence of the Ruling party on the farmers is once again revealed.

Band in Uravakonda:
People could realize the fraud of the TDP Government by this incident. They could not accept the suicide of their fellow farmer. So, they started Bandh in Uravakonda which was supported by the YSRCP, left parties  and under the guidance of the farmers association. Many people participated in this band wholeheartedly with their own initiative.
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