Chandrababu is the biggest betrayer

Visakhapatnam: MRPS president Manda Krishna Madiga slammed Chandrababu for his indifference towards SCs for the last 2 decades and called him the biggest cheat. Speaking in Visakhapatnam, he announced that a rally by name ‘Madigala Maha Viswarupa Yaathra’ would start from Chandrababu’s native village Naravaripalle of Chittor district on the 10th of March, protesting against Chandrababu’s attitude towards Madiga community.

He mentioned that it was hilarious of Babu to state that YSRCP president YS Jagan was behind them in this protest.  He expressed his displeasure at Babu’s using YS Jagan’s name in the SC classification issue. He questioned Chandrababu how he could make this statement when he himself had not been by the side of the madigas during their protests when he was the leader of opposition. Manda criticized Chandrababu’s indifference towards SC classification.

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