Buggana's Open Challenge To Devineni

Hyderabad: Chairman of PAC committee and YSRCP MLA Buggana
Rajendranath Reddy threw an open challenge to minister Devineni Uma doing false
allegations, for integrated inquiry on all tenders and other transactions that
had happened from the day of his swearing in. He complained that leaving apart
outsiders, Avuku tender of TDP MP CM Ramesh had Rs.44 crore worth irregularity.
He spoke to the media at the party’s central office in Lotus Pond.

Buggana mentioned that he had
been accused of occupying lands in Cheruvupalli village of Banaganapalli mandal
in Kurnool district and informed that the issue of those lands was now in the
court. He stated that he was ready to give up on those lands if the Government
behaved lawfully in the matter. He condemned Devineni Uma’s statement about his
standing in the way of digging of canals. He suggested that the affidavits
pertaining to the issue were read. He made it clear that there would be no
objection if proper compensation was paid according to regulations and the
lands were acquired. He reminded that this was the right of all normal

Buggana mentioned that one had to go to the capital area or
Bhogapuram area to know how lands were snatched. He dared Devineni Uma if he
was ready to face inquiry on all dealings that had happened since he had come
to power. Buggana explained that the officials were being troubled by frequent
visits of the minister to Kurnool. They were finding it difficult to provise drinking
water bottles and food for his visits, commented Buggana.

He questioned what would Devineni do if 6-feet of land in his own
property was knocked down with bull dozers in the name of road extension
without following regulations. He suggested that it was too degraded of him to
pass such statements, being in a responsible position. Buggana remarked that the
topic of Devineni’s corruption would take hours for discussion.

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